Car rental in Argentina: travel, business, family.

No credit card, no mileage limit, no nerves and stress
  • -1-
    Free delivery
    We will deliver and pick up from 09:00 - 21:00
  • -2-
    We love children
    We do not charge money for a child safety seat or even for two
  • -3-
    Increased daily mileage
    Do you need more km? OK!
  • -4-
    Convenient payment
    cash deposit
  • -5-
    It's simple - two documents

    Passport and driver's license.
    min. age - 23 years, min. experience - 3 years
  • -6-
    New cars. The best service. All cars are insured.
  • -7-
    Rent for a long time it is profitable
    Special prices for long-term rentals
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    For those who value their time
    We are always in touch and happy to help you
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  • Hello everyone! I contacted Eugene about renting a car, the car rental was Nissan March, and I can say that I am very happy, the car was delivered to the place and time that was discussed on the phone. Eugene  was always in touch, the car was washed and refueling ⛽️ full tank, documents were signed and voila my mood was at its height👍, if anyone decides to rent a car, then contact Eugene, he will pick up a car for you according to your means and desires👍
    Rent a Nissan March for 21 days to explore Buenos Aires
  • Hello! I want to leave a review!
    We collaborated with Eugene @ESTARTSE, rented a car. They brought us free of charge early in the morning, minute by minute, quickly signed the papers and we have the car! Everything is clear and without problems. We set a date for the return of the deposit and returned it day by day, taking into account that there were no fines. In general, we will definitely cooperate again! Many thanks to the guys for such a service😍
    Rent a Toyota Etios for 7 days for a trip to Mar Del Plata
  • Hello, Eugene!
    Everything is fine, the car is great. In general, everything is fine. Mb only add a telepass, otherwise no problem :)
    Rent a Subaru Forester for 5 months to travel around Argentina
  • I am very grateful to you for your honesty. 🥰❤️
    Rent a Fiat Cronos for 14 days to find an apartment and an educational institution.
  • Hello everyone! I rented a Fiat Pulse from Evgeny for 2 weeks. Eugene brought the car at a convenient time for both of us, it was very clean and fully fueled. Before renting, I looked at the entire rental market in telegram chats and this offer was the best in terms of price-quality ratio. Plus, as a person, Eugene is very friendly and accommodating, so I was very pleased and will definitely contact you again in the future.
    Rent a Fiat Pulse for 2 weeks for a trip to Bariloche
  • We took a Fiat Cronos for the weekend, a very comfortable and trouble-free car. We had a great rest with the child on it. We got to the ocean, everything is great.
    And of course, a very quick answer to all questions and reservations. I recommend.
    Rent a Fiat Cronos for a week for a trip to Neuquen
You will find us:
+54 9 11 3227-7986
We are open to partnership.
Do you want to earn money on your car?
We will take over all the work,
and you will receive passive income.
Roads in Argentina
  • Traffic is on the right side.
  • The roadbed is excellent.
  • Danger: buses and motorcycles.
  • Payment for roads: cash or telepase.
  • The police are checking: DL + CEDULA.
  • You cannot travel outside of Argentina.
  • We recommend that you leave your car in the parking lots.
  • Toll roads are not included in the rental price.
  • On a long trip, keep the gasoline under control.
  • Big ones - it's better not to break!
  • Radarbor  will help you avoid them.
  • There is no threshold exceeding 10 km!
  • There are cameras on every corner in the capital.
  • The turn signal is required.
  • A fire extinguisher is required.
  • Follow the road signs.
  • Driving with the headlights on.
  • A seat belt is required.
  • Alcohol is prohibited while driving.
  • The phone is only without hand contact.
General recommendations
  • Gasoline (SUPER) or diesel(V-power)
  • Speed limits:
  1. In the city, 40 km/h on the streets and 60 km/h on the avenues
  2. On the highway 80 km/h
  3. On highways 120 km/h
  • There is no allowed threshold exceeding 10 km!
  • Do not leave valuables on the seats while driving or in the parking lot.
  • Use the headrest to avoid additional injuries.
  • Keep a safe distance

Where to go by car in Argentina
Argentina is a country of incredible landscapes and many climates. Patagonia in the south, the majestic Iguazu waterfalls in the northeast and the mecca for all Malbec wine lovers is the Mendoza region. In the north-west of the country: Salta (Salta) and Jujuy (Jujuy). In January - March, Mar del Plate and small but very cozy resort towns along the coast: Carillo, Pinamar, Mar del las Pampas, Necochea. The capital, the city of contrasts, Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires). It's nice to take a ride around the northern suburbs: Tigre, San Isidro, Olivas, Nordelta.
Enjoy the ride. There will be something new on every piece of highway. The landscape changes dramatically along the way: you will encounter both small towns and wildlife (llamas, penguins, whales and much more).
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